A Famous Actor Gives A Badass Answer About What It Means To Be A Man

It just might be the perfect answer.

He played ultra-macho, violent biker Jax Teller in "Sons Of Anarchy." But does actor Charlie Hunnam identify with the character that made him a fan favorite? 


In an interview, Elle Canada asked the actor what he thinks it means to be a man today.

He defines masculinity in three sentences.

"It means standing on your own two feet, living by your code of honour and being a rock for the people around you."

"But in the modern context, it also means being in touch with your feminine side." 

"Men have to be strong enough not to repress their emotions; real strength allows for vulnerability."

For someone who played a womanizing bad boy, that's a fantastic answer. We hope all his fans get a chance to know what he really thinks it takes to be a man. Not every guy would be brave enough to answer the way he did, proving that he's pretty badass. 


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