Some Kid Got To Do The Forecast One Day. No One Expected Him To Be THIS Good.

This kid is clearly destined for greatness.

When 2nd grader Charlie Hale was given the chance to do the WGN Friday Forecast, he did not hold back. 

Not one bit. 


Hale's charisma and energy are contagious, and make us wish he'd do the weather forecast every single day. 

But Hale has other plans. On air, he says he wants to be a police officer (because he likes danger), a millionaire, and a soccer player when he grows up. He also might grow up to be an excellent dancer, as he shows off some serious moves he learned from "Calvin and Hobbes" right before giving the weather.  

That's one ambitious 2nd grader. But if he keeps up the positive vibes and dancing, we're pretty sure this kid can do anything he wants. 

So all hail Hale, the best weather forecaster this week. 

(H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks


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