Ridiculously Clever Street Art Transforms Everyday Objects Into Something Much More

Very very clever.

Thinking out of the box when looking at everyday objects and places might seem like "mission impossible."

But Parisian street artist Charles Leval, better known as Levalet, does exactly that. Using nothing but paper and ink, Leval creates the most unexpected scenes around everyday objects found in the streets of France. Thanks to his efforts, a fire hose might suddenly become a source of morning coffee, or a lobby elevator might transform into a crime scene.

After seeing this, we're going to think twice when climbing a staircase. No running, you guys.


"Energy drink"



"The Factory"



"Shredding machines"


"The Big Jump"

"Moving In"

"Balance of Power"

"The Sandman"

"Fly Away"


"Energy Transition"



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