In One Tweet, This Man Donated 25,000 Dollars. But How?

New tech is changing the way we give charity.

With the click of a button, Todd Hitt gave away $25,000 to a charity he'd get to see change his community in real time.

Hitt is the founder of a private equity firm called Kiddar Capital, and on June 24, he sent out the following tweet:


Amazingly, right when that tweet was posted, Hitt's money was sent to The Child and Family Network Centers (CFNC), a network of nine preschools in Alexandria, Virginia that works to provide totally free bi-lingual education. Hitt was using a new donating technology provided by the company GoodWorld, which allows people to post on social media networks with the hashtag "#donate" and simply send money to charities of their choice.

"It's 'Amazon 1-Click' for charity," Hitt told A Plus. "No more writing checks, no more entering my financial data on multiple portals — this is easy and instant. Once you register with GoodWorld, you can donate in seconds by tweeting or posting on Facebook. Genius."

We reached out to Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, founder and CEO of GoodWorld, who explained that the technology they're using is changing the way charities work and getting lots of attention from people like Hitt.

"Everything today is social and mobile, and people need tools that match their busy lifestyles," Pfeifer said. "We have them for transportation, accommodation, ordering food — so why not charitable giving?"

As it turns out, Hitt's tweet is the largest ever single donation processed by GoodWorld. It will arrive to CFNC in 48 hours, making it even more timely than most donations to charities that can go through up to a month of processing. 

There are now over 1,600 charities signed up with GoodWorld, charities that you could donate to right now. Pfeifer estimates that charities in their accelerator program receive an average of $2,000 per #donate post. 

Hitt explained that he chose CFNC because of its local work in the community he lives in, as well as its focus on children.

"It's visceral giving; where I can see and feel the impact of my capital," Hitt said. "Northern Virginia boasts some of the highest-income counties in the nation.  Bottom line — it is expensive to live here. CFNC has identified an immense need for quality bilingual children's education and health services as well as general support for working, low-income families in Alexandria."

Hitt, like many others, says he plans on using GoodWorld's tech to donate on a weekly basis. Judging by his Twitter account, he's planning to keep his word.


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