Watch Channing Tatum Go Undercover As Elvis To Prank Unsuspecting Office Workers

"Why would you follow a weird guy?"

No day at the office should be dull — and Channing Tatum is here to make sure one Friday is unforgettable for a few unsuspecting workers. 

Tatum is bringing his new show Magic Mike Live to Las Vegas in March, but decided to prank a few overworked office employees and give them a surprise of what's to come. He transformed the top floor in their ordinary office building into a casino with hidden cameras. To pull it all off, he partnered with (RED), an organization that fights against AIDS, and Omaze, an organization that raises money and awareness for charitable initiatives through giving donors the chance to win incredible experiences. 

In a video for the prank, Tatum goes undercover by getting all dressed up as Elvis Presley. He chills in the elevator, performs ridiculous dance moves, and tries to get other elevator patrons to go with him to the top floor. On their way, they talk about work and break into song. 

Not everyone was ready to go along with Tatum's antics, though. When one woman catches Elvis busting a move as the elevator doors open, she can't get away from him fast enough. 

"Oh, hi, sorry!" Tatum said. 

"Uh, no. I'll take the next one," she replied, hoping another elevator would help her escape. 

The office workers who go along for the ride and are willing to follow Elvis to the top floor are treated with a casino party, complete with half-naked dancing men, a DJ, and cocktails. 

Tatum also takes this opportunity to take off his disguise and shock the office workers, who never expected they'd go to work that day and ride an elevator with him. We could only be so lucky.


Check out their reactions in the video below:


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