How Channing Tatum's 'Splash' Remake Will Update The Classic For A New Generation

It's about time.

Pop culture has depicted more than its fair share of mermaids over the years, from The Little Mermaid to the most recent installment of Pirates of the Caribbean

Mermen, on the other hand, have been few and far between. (Unless you're a '90s kid, in which case you probably remember The Thirteenth Year.)

But now it looks like Hollywood is moving toward a more egalitarian depiction of these mythical sea creatures, thanks to Disney's upcoming remake of the 1984 romantic comedy Splash. Deadline reports that the new version will star Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell, but not in the roles you might expect. 

Tatum will be playing the mermaid character made famous by Daryl Hannah, with Bell as his human love interest, originally played by Tom Hanks.


The news comes less than a month after the release of a gender-swapped Ghostbusters remake that had fans of the original up in arms. 

Social media wasted no time using Monday's announcement to poke fun at the recent controversy, which saw quite a few men complaining that their childhoods would be ruined by an all-female version of their favorite movie.

Interestingly, both Ghosbusters and Splash came out in 1984. Perhaps a female Indiana Jones is next?

In any case, considering how intensely our culture associates mermaids with femininity, and how sexualized so many of those depictions tend to be, it's refreshing to see Hollywood switching things up and putting a man in the fish tail for once.

And when that man happens to be Channing Tatum, how could anyone complain?

Cover image via Instagram


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