Channing Tatum Gives Simone Biles A Hand — Or Two — Displaying Her Medals

He's a big fan, and so is she.

First Zac Efron, now Channing Tatum. Simone Biles is meeting all her favorite guys.


On Tuesday's season premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Channing revealed what a fan he is of the gymnast, who recently earned five medals at the Rio Olympics, including the women's all-around gold. 

"I'm gonna freak out more, I bet," Channing said about the prospect of meeting Simone.

The actor called her "the greatest of all time," and revealed his unusual theory that Simone would literally defy gravity and float away if it weren't for her strong toes, which are apparently holding her to the ground.

Hey, we all say weird things about our heroes. But Ellen advised Channing not to mention the toe thing when he and Simone met.

And meet they did. As it turns out, the admiration is mutual, as Simone revealed she's a Magic Mike fan. Ellen was more than happy to introduce them, just like she was more than happy to officiate Simone's wedding to Zac Efron. (We're still waiting.)

"I got you something," Ellen told Simone, "because you have so many medals. You have to have a case, you have to have some place to hold them."

That place turned out to be Channing Tatum's arms.

Simone was very excited to see him.

Check out the rest of the sweet meeting in the video below:


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