Channing Tatum Pranks 'Magic Mike XXL' Fans With An Unexpected Surprise, All For A Good Cause

They thought they were there to see a movie. Instead, they got to see the real thing.

When Channing Tatum says you're about to get a "3D experience," he's not kidding. To increase awareness of the Runa Foundation, which helps indigenous peoples in South America create sustainable agricultural businesses, Tatum pranked an audience of "Magic Mike XXL" fans, who thought they had been invited to a special sneak peek of the film. Instead, they got something a whole lot realer. Before the crowd came in, the actor disguised himself as an older, far less studly marketing exec named Scott. 

Scott sat down with fans and asked them a series of questions, including who their favorite "Magic Mike" actor is and if they actually cared about the plot of the stripping-centered film. He spoke to dozens of people, but none realized that "Scott" was actually the star of the movie they'd come to see.

Finally, it was time for the film to start. The lights dimmed, but instead of a movie screening, the audience was treated to a performance by a group of male dancers, who popped up right in front of them. At the beginning of the dance, "Scott" stayed off to the side, but he was quickly invited into the performance by the other strippers. At that point, he pulled off his fake hair and beard, and the fans were stunned to find that he had been Channing Tatum the whole time.

After the performance, many of the viewers were kicking themselves that they hadn't recognized the "Magic Mike XXL" star in his costume. But, as one woman put it, "Well, Channing Tatum twerked on my lap so, in that sense, I have reached pretty much peak life."


Watch the entire prank unfold here:

Don't forget to check out Tatum's Omaze charity, the Runa Foundation, which works with indigenous peoples in South America to create sustainable agricultural businesses.

"Magic Mike XXL" hits theaters July 1.


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