Channing Tatum Takes Ellen's Advice And Dances His Way Onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

"Everybody dance now!"


Channing Tatum was nervous to be Wednesday night's guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but thanks to some encouragement from the show's guest Ellen DeGeneres, he found his confidence — with an awesome dance number, of course.

DeGeneres knows from personal experience that dancing is the best way to start a show, which made Tatum hesitant to do it himself. "No, Ellen, I'm not gonna dance. Dancing is your thing," he told her.

"Yes, I did invent dance," she admitted. "But tonight, I give you the gift of dance."

Eventually, Tatum couldn't resist the siren song of "Everybody Dance Now," and proceeded to bust a move around Jimmy Kimmel's studio, getting various people, from the makeup artist to the janitor, to dance with him along the way. There was even a perfect cameo from his other guest for the night, Pink.

Tatum and his impromptu dance crew ended the number by emerging in front of the show's audience for an energetic group routine. It might just have put Jessica Biel's recent Dirty Dancing entrance on DeGeneres' show to shame. 

We only wish Jimmy Kimmel had been there to try out a few moves with the star. After all, why should James Corden be the only late-night host to show off his best Magic Mike impression?


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