Chance The Rapper Channels His Inner Boyz II Men For An 'SNL' Ode To Barack Obama

"Every night, I turned the TV and cry."


For his latest appearance on Saturday Night Live, Chance the Rapper seamlessly transitioned into the role of host for last night's episode of the late-night sketch comedy show with musical guest Eminem. This was his first time hosting, but the artist has appeared in sketches during his previous visits to Studio 8H as the musical guest, including the pre-taped segment "Last Christmas" in 2016 that landed him an Emmy nomination. And while Chance the Rapper was able to show off his acting skills in several sketches last night, no Chance-hosted SNL would be complete with a few musical numbers. 

Wanting to become the "Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving," the rapper opened the show with a song about the holiday, but the music-based sketch that seems to have struck a chord with fans the most came in the form of a '90s R&B-style breakup song dedicated to the 44th president of the United States. Donning suits, ties and sunglasses, Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd channeled their inner Boyz II Men for a song entitled "Come Back, Barack."  

"Every night, I turned the TV and cry," the trio sings. "I'll tell you why: I feel like we're all gonna die."

The song continues, listing all the things Obama has done since leaving office, such as hang gliding with Richard Branson and dropping off his daughter Malia at college. While the trio concedes that Obama deserves to enjoy his retirement, they continue to lament the fact that they've been left with a president who "doesn't even have a dog."

Love for the song, including calls for it to actually be released as a single, came on social media almost immediately after the sketch's premiere.

Watch the full sketch in the video above.


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