Chadwick Boseman Surprises 'Black Panther' Fans As They Share What The Movie Means To Them

"Words can't even describe what this movie has meant to me."

Chadwick Boseman had a heartwarming surprise for Black Panther fans on The Tonight Show this week. Fans were asked to share what the movie, and Boseman's performance as the title superhero, meant to them. What they didn't know was that Boseman was listening to them — that is, until he revealed himself.

"I cannot tell you how much it means to have you step into the role as our king, and holding it with such grace and poise and joy," one fan shared, before Boseman showed up to give her a hug.


Another woman, who stood with her son, shared what the movie meant to her as a mother. "My son's childhood has been defined by Barack Obama, and now Black Panther, so thank you," she said. Their reaction when they saw Boseman emerge from behind the curtain was priceless.

One fan was even a student at Howard University, Boseman's alma mater. When Boseman revealed himself, he greeted her with a shout of "HU!" Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to see him.

"Words can't even describe what this movie has meant to me and to other Black people," the segment's final fan shared, adding a special thank-you to the movie's women. "Wakanda forever," she said, and Boseman made sure to echo the phrase when he surprised her.

See all the surprises in the video below:


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