Here's How You Can Raise Money For Cerebral Palsy Awareness While Getting Fit At The Same Time

It’s that easy!

There's a whole new way to get involved on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day this weekend — specifically Saturday, March 25 — that'll have you sweating it up for a good cause.

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation has launched a mobile, video-based fitness app called CPF Challenge for people of diverse mobility levels — the first of its kind. The app allows free access to three weeks worth of seven-minute daily workouts — that's 21 days in total — with NIKE Master Trainer Isabelle Derond that can be done anywhere and anytime. The best part? You can fundraise money for a the organization during the process.


"We don't hear enough about CP, nor know enough about the many ways to support people with CP. But if you took everyone in the country who has CP, it would be the 12th-largest city in America," Richard Ellenson, CEO of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, told A Plus. "Our goal for the app is to bring awareness to the condition of CP and to the amazing individuals who have CP. That way we can have more inclusion and more opportunities for support."

There will be programs within the app — which is designed to "raise your pulse, raise awareness, and raise dollars" — modified for those with various needs.

"There are many physical and medical challenges faced by people with disabilities, but the biggest issue is misperception. Because of that, people with disabilities so often lead lives with many unnecessary challenges," Ellenson added. He noted that one of the organization's key goals is to change perceptions about how the world sees people with disabilities and to allow others to understand the many similar experiences we all share.

Here's a statistic that might shock you: every hour, a child is born with CP. And that fact is part of the reason why Ellenson was drawn to getting involved with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and strive toward making positive change in the CP community.

"My son Thomas, who's now 19, was born with CP. He is an incredible, fabulous, engaging child," Ellenson said. "There are certainly challenges, but our life is one defined by understanding, ambition, exploration, and fun. It's been a joy to be able to work with the incredible folks at the foundation — and so many people I meet — to bring this spirit out into the world."

For more information about the CPF Challenge or to sign up, visit the campaign's website. To download the app and get started, get it either via the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.


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