This Guy Loves Cereals So Much He Wanted To Cover His Walls With Them

Gotta have my pops.

Gabe Fonseca loves cereal so much that he has dedicated his YouTube channel "Cereal Time!" to the breakfast food.  In his videos, he talks about and eats cereals he can buy today and ones that came out before he was born. 

Considering he has over 50 videos on different kinds of cereals, Fonseca has quite the collection of boxes. So, he found a creative way to decorate one of his walls with them. 

Naturally, he shared the process on Imgur. Check it out below: 


1. Add sheet metal to the part of the wall you want to cover.

2. Consider how you'd like to arrange them.

Fonseca decided to arrange by color, so he used a mosaic photo program to arrange his boxes. 

3. Purchase strong mini magnets.

4. Put tape on the back of the magnets.

Fonseca tested the magnets and thought that two would hold best. He put two magnets together and then attached a piece of tape to each pair. 

5. Tape magnets to inside of cereal box.

6. Arrange boxes.

Voilà! Now, Fonseca has the perfect space to sit back and enjoy a bowl of cereal in.

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