The Reason Why This Guy Proposed In A Public Bathroom Is An Alarming One

Ugh ... No, thank you.

Some people do it in romantic, gloomy restaurants over a dinner. Some take it to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Others just go with the flow. Yes, we're talking about proposals.

Every couple is different, and as long as you and your better half feel happy and in love with each other, the setting shouldn't really matter, right? Well, this video kinda proves that it does. 

Created pro bono by the McGarryBowen ad agency for Central Park Conservancy, the video imagines what the world would be like if one of the most romantic, love-centric places in New York didn't exist. It is part of the Powered By You campaign, which outlines the importance of donors and volunteers that help in keeping Central Park up and running.


To outline the importance of park conservation, the video features a lad who decided to propose to his girlfriend in a public bathroom because Central Park doesn't exist.

Want to know why it's such a terrible idea? Here's five reasons to get you started ...

One of the most intimate acts in your life will be witnessed by strangers coming out of their bathroom stalls.

You'll never be able to predict the audience.

Getting down on one knee will basically mean the end of your pants.

Your proposal speech will be accompanied by a symphony of noise. Toilet flushes and all that ...

But most importantly, it will be gross. Very, very gross.

Watch the full video below and make sure to support parks and gardens, because this is just awful!


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