This Is Why You Never Look At Your Phone When You're Driving

Daughter shares breathtaking photographs of family's accident.

In March of 2014, USA Today reported that cell phone use now caused one in four car accidents. But that harrowing statistic hasn't stopped cell phone use while driving. 

Just this week, two frightening car accidents have turned into messages of awareness about the dangers of driving. The first came from a fatal crash in Crowborough, England where two young men were under the influence of a "cocktail" of drugs and filming each other while speeding through the city streets. The parents of the boys released the last video they filmed before their accident to raise awareness about what they were doing.


Then, this week, an Imgur user posted a frightening tale of her own.

FellongFave says she was driving with her family in their camping van when suddenly a perfectly fun afternoon took a turn for the worst. According to her Imgur post, she posed for the following picture moments before a car accident:

Their car was headed north on the highway when another vehicle, allegedly traveling south at about 60 miler per hour, had a distracted driver. According her Imgur post, the driver was looking at his phone to glance at a map. He veered off into their lane. 

Then this happened:

The car was seriously damaged:

And the family took some serious injuries.(WARNING: the following content is graphic)

Thankfully, everyone made it out alive.

But the 16-year-old girl who uploaded these pictures has a message: NEVER use your phone while you're driving. 

"The people who ran into us were just looking at a map, and because of that our entire lives are on hold," she wrote. "No one can go to school for a few days, my mom can't teach her reading class, my digital design hardware was damaged. There a few things more selfish than distracting yourself while driving."

Please, share this post and help spread awareness about the dangers of driving distracted. It might save a life. 


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