Celebrities Are Making Weird Hand Symbols On Social Media, But The Reason Why Could Save A Life

Just three easy steps.

This is serious — and it only requires the use of your hands.

Celebs such as Ansel Elgort, Barbra Streisand, Naomi Watts, Michael J. Fox, and model Elsa Hosk are taking selfies and supporting a cause that can save lives — all by using hand signals in support of New York Presbyterian's health campaign, Hands Only CPR.

The movement is sweeping social media of some of these big stars to kick off CPR and AED Awareness Week, which starts June 1, and encourages people to learn and practice hands-only CPR.

Started by Dr. Holly Andersen, a medical professional and TV personality who's appeared on shows such as Dr. OZ and Good Morning America, the important, life-saving initiative urges the public to take charge of cases of cardiac arrest.

After all, as high as 92 percent of people suffering from cardiac arrest die before making it to the hospital. So it's vital to act quickly as each minute means the likeliness of survival drops by 10 percent. Additionally, 70 percent of cases occur in private residences and people can't wait for emergency responders to come to the rescue. They have to learn how to save their loved one's life themselves.

The check, call, and compress method Dr. Andersen promotes is said to be a faster and easier procedure than the traditional CPR of the past.

Check out the video to learn the three steps needed for the hands-only CPR approach:


Here's a couple of the celebs supporting the cause:

Ansel Elgort

Elsa Hosk

(H/T: Glamour)


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