Jimmy Kimmel Brings Us Another Delightful Installment Of 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets'

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

As long as Twitter exists, people will use it to send not-very-nice messages about celebrities. And as long as Jimmy Kimmel hosts his own talk show, he'll use it to have celebrities read those not-very-nice messages on camera

Yes, that's right — Wednesday night marked yet another installment of the ongoing "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" saga, and this group of celebs was especially star-studded, with people such as Kate Hudson and Ryan Gosling getting in on the fun.

The tweets chosen are all so absurd that you may wonder how they're even real. As these stars prove, when the haters come running, sometimes all you can do is have a good laugh.


Kate Hudson is very amused by the positively poetic language in her selected tweet.

The scenario described in Paul Rudd's tweet, meanwhile, actually doesn't sound like a bad way to live.

Ryan Gosling answered this tweet by saying, "Because I'm a gentleman." And that's why we love him.

Other notable stars in this installment include Chris Evans ("a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork"), Zac Efron ("a total douche"), and Bryan Cranston, who gives a spot-on impression of Matthew McConaughey crossed with Jim Carrey.

Check out the whole video below:


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