You Might Not Have Known These 7 Famous People Are Nailing Their Charity Game

Way to set an example.

Celebrities are amazing at what they do — be it dancing, acting or designing. We love them for their talents, but those who go above and beyond their responsibilities on the stage or screen deserve a little extra recognition. 

While you're probably aware of the generosity of A-listers such as Angelina Jolie or Ellen DeGeneres, whose charity work is often featured in the news, there are a bunch of other top-notch celebs whose philanthropic work may be off your radar. 

Here are seven of our favorite public figures absolutely nailing their charity game, even though you may not have heard much about it. 


1. Taylor Swift.

Swift has taught us many things, like the fact that being dorky is actually pretty cool and that you can always "shake it off." But she also sets the perfect example of being kind to other people. 

In this past year alone, the singer reportedly donated $50,000 to a nephew of one her backup dancers after the toddler was diagnosed with cancer, gifted another $50,000 to a 9-year-old who made Swift's "Bad Blood" her personal fight song against her lymphoma, gave $50,000 to New York City public schools, and helped one of her fans pay off her student loans.

2. Zac Brown.

The frontman from the Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band recently teamed up with good-for-you beverage company Bai to create "The Guitar Project."

The idea was simple. Five emerging visual artists created their own authentic pieces of art that are incorporated into the design of custom Taylor Guitars. Brown played these guitars on stage during his fall/winter tour and plans to auction them off on eBay beginning February 1. The proceeds will be donated to benefit the singer's charity Camp Southern Ground, which serves both children and their families facing social, academic, and emotional difficulties.

3 and 4. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

A month and a half ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced the birth of their daughter Max in an open letter they shared on the social network. In the letter, the pair pledged to donate 99 percent — currently valued at roughly $45 billion — of their Facebook shares to various charitable causes.

Talk about being truly generous.

5. Justin Bieber.

Don't let his tough guy looks fool you. This 21-year-old heartthrob has a weak spot for doing good.

In 2013, Bieber broke the Make-A-Wish Foundation's record by being the first to grant 200 wishes through the organization. He's since granted an additional 50 wishes, including private performances for kids, providing families with tickets to his shows, and even lightheartedly accepting an 8-year-old's marriage proposal.

Go Biebs!

6. Drake.

Opposite to some of what this rapper's lyrics may suggest, this Toronto-native is not quite on his "worst behavior."

Back in 2014, Drake helped build an entire recording studio at one of Philadelphia's most dangerous high schools. His other donations include $22,500 to an Ohio mother who lost her five kids and boyfriend in a mobile home fire, throwing a charity softball game in Houston, Texas, and giving his $10,000 honorarium to a community service supporting people in low-income neighborhoods in his Toronto hometown.

7. Emma Watson.

When the British actress and U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador made her famous "He For She" speech in 2014, she got on everyone's radar as one of the most vocal advocates for worldwide gender equality.

Watson also has auctioned off numerous clothing items, donating all proceedings to Women For Women International. She campaigns for improving the working conditions of garment workers around the world and sustainable clothing practices, promoting buying less and buying better.

Way to set an example, Emma.


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