She Recycled A Piece Of Trash And The Whole Shopping Mall Went Crazy

Celebrate recycling!

Recycling is something we should all do. It's easy and has an immediate impact on the environment.

So wouldn't it be great if we celebrated recycling like we do for an alley-oop or game-winning goal?

This flash mob organized by a French Canadian variety show did just that back in 2011 when they filmed themselves celebrating recycling with gusto.

The team from the show "Testé sur des Humains" left an empty plastic bottle next to a recycling bin in a Quebecois shopping mall and then filmed as passersby ignored the trash. 

When a lady finally stops, picks up the bottle, and discards it in the recycling bin, the entire mall goes nuts.


Because, while flash mobs are so 2011, recycling is not.

(H/T: SF Globe)


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