7 Cool Ways To Celebrate National Best Friends Day With Your BFFs

Besties FTW!

Even though we agree that friendship should be celebrated all day, every day, there's a day when it's simply A MUST to bow down and honor your BFFs for dealing with your s*&t. And that day is June 8, National Best Friends Day.

After carefully doing our research within the A Plus office, we found seven ways that are almost guaranteed to make your friends twist and shout and know you really appreciate that special relationship you have with them.

Scroll down and pick your favorite for this year's National Best Friends Day celebration!


1. Little things count. Brighten up their morning with a finger-lickin' good surprise.

Mondays can be tough, but they don't have to be when it's Best Friends Day.

Imagine dragging your tired, coffee-infused body into the office, getting a few spills on your white shirt, finding out that you forgot your laptop charger at home... only to find a teeny tiny box of chocolates left by your friend on your desk. 

Wouldn't that make your entire day, like, a gazillion times better?

2. Friends will always have your back. Find something crazy that scares you and do it together.

Always wanted to go skydiving? Try bungee jumping? Take improv classes?

There's no better way to do it than with your closest friend holding your hand and gently whispering, "Don't be scared. We're in this together."

3. Memories are priceless. Spend some time making the world's most "expensive" gift — a friendship book.

It doesn't really matter if your friendship spans 20 years or just the past few months. You can't put a price tag on all the memories you've made. So why not relive them once more?

Like that time you went to see your favorite band, or when you were too high on chocolate cake and impulsively bought tickets to Paris. Go back to the day you first met, or the day you had your first fight... Remember, cherish and document these pieces of history.

4. Friendship takes a lot of hard work, but it's not so bad when you're having fun. Take a day off, forget about the rest of the world and spend time pampering yourselves.

Do we need to say more?

Manis-pedis, cleansing masks, slices of cucumber on your eyes and in your mouth, bubbly drinks, honest chats... Seriously, this list could go on and on.

5. Distance is only a number. If your BFFs are miles away, ask them on a virtual date.

Come prepared: Wine, snacks and pajamas are a must.

Because it will go on for hours. There will be laughing and there will be tears. You'll get unexplainably hungry at some point and there will be no time to cook. And wine... Well, we all know wine just perfectly blends with late night talks.

6. Time travel is possible. Make your bestie the ultimate playlist of songs that you used to sing, dance, laugh and cry to.

Once there were mix tapes, now there are YouTube and Spotify playlists. Either way, they're beyond awesome.

7. Good things come in pairs. Beach-proof each other by covering your skin in temporary metallic tattoos.

ICYMI, temporary metallic tats are back and they're all the rage when it comes to summer fashion. Try them out because it's really hard to imagine something more fun than covering each other in gorgeous glitzy designs and flaunting them on the beach.

In fact, we're going to make this one easier for you.

In honor of best friends everywhere, A Plus teamed up with TribeTats, NYC's premier metallic tattoo brand, and decided to do a special giveaway. Brag about your friendship and win two sets of TribeTats for you and your friend.

Take these three simple steps to enter the contest:
1. Take a selfie with your bestie.
2. Post it on Instagram using#MyTribeVibes hashtag.
3. Include a line about what true friendship means to you and why your BFF rocks.

Winners will be announced on June 8th.

Winners will receive two sets of TRIBETATS. Valid on U.S. and International entries. Limit two per entry. May not be returned or exchanged for monetary value. Additional restrictions may apply.


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