Artist Transforms Books Into Cups, Bowls, And Exquisite Pieces Of Art

Read away.

Artist Cecilia Levy's incredible paper art is one for the books — literally.

Levy grew up with a passion for drawing, painting, and working with her hands. But when she chose to study graphic design and, thus, work with a computer, "something essential was lost," she tells A Plus in an email.

Later, Levy added bookbinding to her résumé and, eventually, creating handmade products.


"When suddenly facing a solo exhibition I turned my interest to the content of the books, the inlays that remained when I had used the covers. Experimenting with paper strips, glue, and paper maché technique, I ended up with thin, wobbly bowls. With text fragments and a delicate feel to them. They were really appealing and I immediately felt I wanted to investigate this further. One thing gave another ..."

Now, Levy's website is a portfolio and testament to her talent, filled with images of her various paper art series. This ranges from cups and saucers, to bowls, intricate boots and shoes, plants, and more. 

When asked for advice for other aspiring artists, Levy's words are wise:

"Travel, see other cultures, educate yourself, and work. Be open-minded, curious, collect all sorts of experiences. Experiment and allow yourself to fail. Failure is necessary in order to make progress."

Currently, Levy is working on a large public art commission in Stockholm to be displayed at a hospital next year.

And we can't wait to see that and more.

For more of her work, check out Levy's website, Facebook, and continue below.


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