These Cats In Costumes Aren't Just Cute. They Also Need A Home.

Too adorable for life.

Like Harry Potter himself, these cats need help finding their real homes.


Luckily photographer Shaina Fishman was up to the task of helping out these kittens.

"I'm always looking for rescue groups where I can volunteer my time and photography," she told A Plus over email.

While she's always looking for unique projects, this time she wanted to do something with props and linked up with stylist Ryen Blaschke who volunteers at Brooklyn Animal Action.

While Harry Potter and his wizardly friend have been adopted since the photoshoot...

Shaina Fishman 
Shaina Fishman 

Donald J. Cat is still awaiting a home.

Currently running for President of Cuteness. Shaina Fishman 

This type of work is nothing new for Fishman.

"From the start of my career I have always worked with shelters and rescue groups. For six years I worked pro-bono with a shelter in Jersey City, NJ to create a yearly calendar. Each year I photographed 6 dogs and 6 cats that had been adopted through that shelter," she explained to A Plus.

Shaina Fishman 

Some animals that she had photographed in the past had been in shelters for up to two years.

However, due to her creative photoshoots, she helped those animals find a loving home.

Shaina Fishman 

Since Brooklyn Animal Action is a collective group and not an actual physical shelter, the photos were taken in the homes of the temporary adoptive parents.

Shaina Fishman 
Shaina Fishman 

While she still has some more cats in hats she is going to release, she is also working with the Southampton Animal Shelter for a holiday photoshoot.

While we await the photoshoot with Southampton, we'll just continue to "Awww" over these little guys for now.

Shaina Fishman 

Find out more about Fishman on her official social media channels:

You can also preorder her book, "Between Two Dogs."


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