Video Shows How Secondhand Smoke Affects Cats

Prevent #CATMageddon.

Congratulations, citizens of the Internet! You've watched cat videos more than 25 billion times in the past decade. Cat videos have been so popular that if you weren't reading this article, you'd probably be watching one right now.

And it's perfectly fine to watch cat videos because there might be some medicinal benefits. A 2015 study found that people felt more positive and had fewer negative emotions after watching cat videos.

Nonprofit Truth Initiative, an organization that works to discourage smoking, has just released a new commercial about cat videos that aired during the Grammys.

The commercial, which included a montage of adorable cats, said that cats are more likely to get cancer when their owner is a smoker.

Or in other words …


While Truth Initiative's video might include a bit of hyperbole, smoking does harm pets. Studies from Tufts University's School of Veterinary Medicine and Colorado State University found that secondhand smoke can cause malignant lymphoma, allergies and respiratory problems in cats.

Sherry Emery, the director of the University of Illinois, Chicago's Health Media Collaboratory praised the video.

"It's nothing like any anti-smoking ad that's been out," Emery told NPR. "This is the first time I think [anti-smoking campaigns] have gone after the health effects for animals. And people care so much about their animals."

The good news for young people is that if they don't want to see the end of cats and cat videos — or #CATmageddon — then the video makes a great suggestion.

"Be the generation that ends smoking," the video declares. "Because smoking kills pets too."


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