'Cat Grandpa' Naps With Kitties Every Day At Animal Shelter


Six months ago, Terry Lauerman showed up at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wis. and stated that he'd like to brush the cats. The cage-free facility explained on its Facebook page that he has been coming in ever since, and has been there every day the last few months. He grooms all of the cats and knows them so well, he can distinguish their likes and dislikes.


He also has a tendency to take little cat naps with them.

Adorable photos show the 75-year-old "cat grandpa" cuddled up with the kitties. 

Elizabeth Feldhausen, the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, told HuffPost, "[Lauerman sleeps for] about an hour, then he'll wake up and switch cats."

The shelter shared Lauerman's story with the hashtags "#nappingencouraged" and "grateful" on September 18 and it has blown up. Not only is he giving the cats some love and cuddles, he has also inspired people to volunteer and donate to Save Haven Pet Sanctuary.

After social media users heard his story, they wanted to know how they could show support. A fundraiser was set up via Facebook on September 19. In two days, 279 people donated over $5,000. 

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary is the "first 501(c)3 no-kill, nonprofit cat sanctuary and adoption center that specializes in rescuing kitties with physical or psychological disabilities." According to BuzzFeed, the shelter opened in 2016 and typically fosters 20 to 30 cats at a time. In just two years, they've placed nearly 300 cats in forever homes.

Lauerman explained to Upworthy that his lifestyle prevents him from having a cat, but he has a soft spot for them. "I've always liked cats," he explained. "And I didn't have cats as an adult. But when I retired I decided to do something fun and this place emerged. I had been volunteering at other shelters, but this place is special because [there are] no cages and the cats can feel taken care of in a friendly environment."

He hopes that other people are inspired to volunteer after hearing his story.

According to HuffPost, he also hopes the other staff and volunteers at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary are recognized. He points out a woman named Paula who is "The Cat Grandma." In a Facebook post, the cage-free facility explains Paula makes jewelry and cat blankets to sell to support the cats. She came in one day asking if she could help sweep the floors. Since then, she has stayed on and comes in every day. She refers to herself as the "complaints department" because she tries to solve all the cats' complains.

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