This Mom's Viral Post Shows Why Parents Shouldn't Be So Quick To Say 'No' To Kids When It Comes To The Small Stuff

"They just might keep coming back to us, for all the important things."

Mom Cassie Hilt has been open about the stresses of parenting on her blog, The Chronicles of Motherhood. Even during the hectic times, she writes about the lessons learned and how to recognize the silver lining.  

In a recent Facebook post, the mom-of-three recounted another parenting lesson learned during one of those high-stress situations. While going through her "arm-length to-do list," her young daughter asked if they could paint their nails together. Hilt thought about all the things she would be unable to do if she had wet nails, so she agreed to paint her daughter's nails, but not her own. 

After seeing how upset her daughter was, however, Hilt relented and agreed to paint her own nails, too. The experience taught her a valuable lesson.


 "The baby didn't wake up from his nap. The laundry sat in the dryer. My hair dried on its own," Hilt wrote in her Facebook post. "The bills, the calendar, and the dishes — it was all waiting for me when she was done."

"It took 10 minutes out of my day. But it was the highlight of hers."

The manicure helped Hilt realize how quick parents can be to choose things on their to-do list over spending quality time with their kids 

"So often, these things that aren't important enough to us, are a big deal in the eyes of a child," she wrote. But if parents start saying "yes" to these seemingly unimportant things, it can hopefully improve parent-kid relationships.  "And if we show them now that we value their time as much as we value our to-do lists, they just might keep coming back to us, for all the important things."


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