After Being Away For Cancer Treatment, This Family Found Out Their Home Had Been Given A Makeover

Lucy Cassidy and her family got a big surprise when they returned to England.

When Lucy Cassidy left England for the United States, it was to help get her 3-year-old daughter Emily life-saving treatment. But when she returned, she found out her house had received some much needed care, too.

During the nine weeks that the Cassidy family was away, the charity organization Help Harry Help Others (HHHO) enlisted 40 volunteers to renovate the home, which was moldy, damp and had a roof and windows in need of repair. Georgie Moseley runs HHHO and met the Cassidys through a drop-in center she opened to help families fighting cancer.

"Emily hadn't wanted anyone to visit her home because of the state it was in," Moseley, 41, told Birmingham Mail. 

Now, though, the house has a new roof, bathroom, walls, kitchen, flooring and plumbing, among other improvements.

"It's amazing, I can't believe it's mine," Lucy told Metro UK. "As I walked in, I felt like my heart was going to burst. It's gorgeous, like a showhome."

She added that the new, clean home would have a huge impact on her daughter's treatment as well. Emily kept getting infections from the house that would delay her treatment while her immune system was weak. 

Before Moseley enlisted the help of volunteers to repair the home, she had experienced the tragedy of childhood cancer herself. Moseley's son Harry died of cancer at the age of 11, and while he was battling his disease the family raised £500,000 for Cancer Research UK. The Moseley family has since won numerous awards and national recognition for their dedication to cancer research.

Now, they're spreading good deeds through their organization. You can help them by donating here. 


Check out the unveiling of the new Cassidy home:

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