9 Painful Images That Depict The Struggle That Is Swimsuit Shopping

It's an art.

What should be a quick and easy shopping trip for a swimsuit is usually anything but for women. You may spot a suit you love and if you're lucky, both pieces may fit. But if you're like the rest of us, it won't be so easy. Why? Allow us to elaborate a bit:

Women come in different shapes and sizes. Swimsuits usually don't. There's sizes small, medium and large that come as a whole piece, or top and bottom pairs. This means that when we try on swimsuits, and some parts of us are bigger (or smaller) than others, the bathing suit could be way too tight in some places and loose in others. It's not like with guys, where if the swimsuit doesn't fit they go up or down a size. No, us women have to shop for completely different parts of our body with limited mix-and-match options.


But wait! There's more.

At this point, even if the store allows us to take a top from one suit to match with the bottom of another, we might not find a top and bottom that matches quite like the original pair. You know, the one that fits terribly. Le sigh. Plenty of women have had to give up on the perfect-looking bathing suit because there are no size mediums or larges in the color bottoms/tops/one-pieces that actually fit us.

Basically, our bodies our so beautifully unique that they don't always conform to what the bathing suits as it. The struggle is so real, illustrator Cassandra drew a comic that represents that struggle perfectly.

At least we're in this together, ladies.

Check out the struggle in full below:


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