Dad-To-Be Makes Insane Race Across Thousands Of Miles To Be There At His Daughter's Birth. You'll Want To See The Finish Line


Film director and social media juggernaut Casey Neistat was in San Francisco, California when his wife texted him from Houston, Texas to tell him she'd just gone into labor. 

Throwing his belongings back into his bag, he immediately embarked on an insane two thousand mile race against time, making use of every mode of transportation available to him  -- and true to form, he captured it all on camera.

"I've gotta be the only dad in history to ever skateboard to the hospital for his daughter's birth," he says at one point in the clip.

Neistat's determined sprint to be there at his wife's bedside is a beautiful demonstration of a father's love for his daughter, even before she comes into the world. Watch it above and have your heart warmed.

Welcome, baby Francine.


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(H/T: Devour)


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