She's The First Woman To Be Signed Exclusively As A Male Model

Beautifully handsome and handsomely beautiful.

Casey Legler is not your average male model.


Sure, Legler is 6-foot-2 with the proportions of your typical runway star, but the 37-year-old is still different from every other male model in the world. 

That's because Legler is a woman, but is signed with Ford Models to appear exclusively in menswear. 

Legler also didn't even start this incredible career until she was 35, making her something of a unicorn — people typically age out of the industry at a far younger age.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, Legler is also a former French Olympic swimmer, a performance artist and a gay activist. What have you achieved today? 

Legler recently sat down with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News to speak with reporter Monique Schafter about what it's like being the first woman to be signed as an international male model. 

Watch the video here:

"I was put in men's clothes because I fit in men's clothes. Like, the only thing that's particularly unique is that I'm biologically a woman," Legler tells Schafter matter-of-factly. "There isn't really anything complicated or racey or shocking about how my masculinity manifests itself. The fact that this is biologically woman's body, people are like 'oh my god!'" 

"Most of it at the end of the day is about agency and self determination."

In the video, Legler recounts a time she was walking in Brooklyn and a young person approached her to say "thank you" for what she is doing, and said "you're making it okay for me to be here." 

Legler says it's instances like that that remind her why she models. "At the end of the day that's what i'm in the business of. That's it. If the image of me, out there in the world, makes it easier for one more kid to think there's some f****** space for them — then that's the business i'm into." 


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