This Instagram About Millennial Women's Problems Proves The Struggle Is Real

Because there's no thought more terrifying than "Did I leave my straightener on?"

When life gives you lemons, make an Instagram. 

At least that's what Instagrammer Arianna did when she created But Like Maybe. Her Instagram's cute and clever cartoons illustrate the daily mishegoss that fill millennial women's lives with humor and an extra large grain of salt — because, in the grand scheme of things, if your biggest problem is trying to pick which selfie to post, your life is probably pretty darn good. 

Check out 17 hilarious moments below that will hopefully make you smile, laugh, and probably say, "Oh, that is so me..."


1. When you've finally found Mr. Right, but no one else gets it.

2. That daily moment of sheer terror. #casual

3. When you have to make the tough choices.

4. All those times you've "nailed" texting etiquette.

5. The lie we've all told (multiple times).

6. When you and your friends are so "fetch," you can't help being copied.

7. Ah, the joys of womanhood.

8. Trying to figure out the perfect morning routine.

9. When you finally understand modern dating (kind of).

10. Not that any of that matters to you (this second, anyway).

11. Navigating that fine line.

12. When some things are just too precious to give away.

13. That #classic Catch-22.

14. When you're on an all-carb diet because you really just wanna lose three pounds.

15. When you see things from your own point of view.

16. That time you practiced self-control.

17. When you embrace your true self and totally own it.


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