4-Year-Old Boy Is Best Buds With His Mailman And They Even Have Matching Outfits

"I think I see a mail truck!"

"I think I see a mail truck!" 4-year-old Carter Lawson says on camera for WBIR-TV as he waits anxiously at the front of his house.

Wearing a matching mailman costume, Carter cannot wait to see "Mailman Mike," the family's postman for the past nine months, and a man he completely idolizes.


Since Carter met Mike, "the two have had a standing date to make the rounds together, delivering the mail and chatting up neighbors," Good News Network writes.

Now, Carter wants to be a mailman when he grows up too. 

"Anyone could just be like 'Go away kid,' but Mike has really gone out of his way to interact with Carter, and it's been really cute," Carter's mother, Cassie Lawson, told WBIR.

And 'Mailman Mike' says: "Every letter carrier has stops he looks forward to and this is the one I look forward to everyday... He's the end of my day, and the best part of my day."

In a world where kids have a slue of people to look up to — some good, others not so good — it's refreshing to see Carter appreciating such a hard-working individual in his community.

We think he has a bright, mail-filled future ahead of him.

Be sure to watch the full report below:


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