Carrie Underwood's 'Typical Thursday Night' Photo Shows Bedtime Doesn't Always Have To Be A Struggle

Her photos can give other families ideas on how to make a child's bedtime more fun, and even memorable.

Many of us know Carrie Underwood as a singer, and her husband, Mike Fisher, as the former captain of the Nashville Predators National Hockey Team. But they're each adding another title to their resume: superhero.

In an Instagram post shared on Thursday, Underwood showed herself, her husband, and her 2-year-old son, Isaiah. dressed up in superhero costumes before bedtime. 

"Just a typical Thursday night at the Fisher house ... featuring Catboy, Gekko and Owlette!" Underwood captioned the photo. "It's time to be a hero!"

And hey, parents are superheroes after all, so they might as well get to look like them. 


"This is literally the cutest thing I've seen so far today," one person commented on Instagram.

"Making memories! I'm sure Isaiah will look back at this and smile!" another added. 

Not only do the photos show their family dynamic, but they can give other families ideas on how to make a child's bedtime — which can sometimes be a struggle — more fun, and even memorable. 

And the Fisher's aren't the only ones who've handled bedtime in their own unique way.  Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and James Corden once sang about the struggles of dad life, noting that bedtime was one of those challenges. 

To help make the challenge easier in his own home, one bearded dad gently lulls his baby to sleep on the piano. Another family found that their baby falls asleep better when he's wrapped up like a burrito and un-swaddled the next morning. 

Mommy blogger Tabitha Blue documents precious moments before bedtime on her Instagram account, so perhaps one day she can look back on all the memories. 

"Now it's all cuddles in bed for a chill evening. Loving this scene with our 'little' ones while the 'big kids' are up north," she writes. "So much daddy love."

There's also blogger Ashley Barton of Naptime Tales, who describes her nighttime routine for

"It's potty time, teeth-brushing and a quick book for everyone in my daughter's bed. Usually, after the book, my husband will take my one-year-old son to bed and I will finish up with my four-year-old daughter. My daughter gets another longer book, we say our prayers, give hugs and kisses, and then it's bedtime; the lights go out around 9:00 pm. My daughter has a 'taggie' or security blanket that she has to sleep with, along with a few of her favorite stuffed animals. My son likes to have another quick book then he likes to be rocked to sleep while holding a toy train. He has to have the toy train!"

So whether bedtime is a struggle or a complete ease, it's the moments you create around it that mean the most. 

(H/T: Today)


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