This Country Singer Took On A Wiz Khalifa Song, And Killed It.

We were not expecting that.

Carrie Underwood might not look like it, but it turns out the American Idol winner is actually a pretty decent rapper. We wouldn't necessarily bet on her against Nicki Minaj, but we wouldn't feel so confident going up against her in a battle either. To prove her skills, Underwood covered Wiz Khalifa's "When I See You Again." The country artist has a song by the same title, and she mashed the two together during a recent performance at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival in Dover, DE. The audience was surprised at first, but once they realized Underwood actually knew what she was doing, they broke into excited applause.

This performance opens up a whole range of possibilities for country crossovers. Why not get Blake Shelton to cover Kanye, or Tim McGraw to take on Kendrick Lamar? The potential for amazing (or terrible) new mashups is truly unlimited. But Underwood will always have the distinction of doing it first. Maybe she and Wiz could even tour together. It would certainly bring an interesting mix of people together. 

Can we get Wiz's version of "Before He Cheats" next? We just know he'll kill it.


Watch Carrie Underwood’s take on 'When I See You Again':

Cover image: Focka/Flickr; Carrie Underwood/Facebook


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