Why One NFL Star Hosts A Spa Day Each Year And Invites Strong Women To Join Him

"They are a true reminder of what real strength is."

This week, NFL player Carlos Dunlap brought together 16 "breast cancer fighters" and seven of his fellow Cincinnati Bengals teammates for an evening all about raising awareness and celebrating strength. 

The group gathered at Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa in Cincinnati for massages, pedicures, and treats, Dunlap explains on Instagram. Beyond that, the women taught Dunlap and his teammates about mammograms, 3-D testing, and hair loss. "Thank you for trusting us with your journey," Dunlap writes. 


This is Dunlap's fifth time hosting the spa night. At his 2015 event, Dunlap, who personally lost a great-aunt and the mother of his best friend to breast cancer, said:

"I want to give back to these women and celebrate their lives by giving them a time where they can relax, have fun, and get to know other cancer survivors like themselves." He added: "They are a true reminder of what real strength is."

Dunlap's teammate, Michael Johnson, attended this year's event. Afterward, he tweeted: 

Others took to social media to share their words regarding the evening: 

We love that Dunlap organized such an amazing night for so many deserving women, and hopefully, events like these will continue to raise more awareness for breast cancer this month and every month. 


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