Mom Repurposes The Shirt Her Husband Wore To Their Daughter's Birth In The Best Way

"It melts my heart to see her in it."

Mom Carli Grant frequently makes clothes for her 2-year-old, Amelia. But Grant's recent upcycling project for her daughter holds extra special meaning for her and her family. 

Grant told A Plus she was keen to try new dress styles that incorporated button-down shirts, so she looked through her husband's unworn oxford shirts for fabric. "I thought [the project] would be a cute way to repurpose them," she said. "My daughter loves when I make her clothes so she's always part of my inspiration."


She selected a red and black plaid shirt, which happened to be the same one her husband, Josh, wore the day Amelia was born.

I feel a bit pressured to make Amelia's clothes perfect when I sew for her," the mom said. "She always gets so excited when I make her clothes, so I want her to love what I make and want to wear it. "The red and black shirt from the day she was born was on another level of pressure. I was so scared I would ruin that shirt. I very well could have since I was sewing with tears in my eyes! Luckily, I didn't!"

Courtesy of Carli Grant / Refashioned Memories

When she was finished, Grant had crafted a halter button-down dress with an open back and gathered skirt. When she showed her husband the finished product, he had "the cutest" reaction.

"Once he realized it was the shirt he was wearing the first time he held Amelia, he looked so pleased and loved the idea." 

And the dress got Amelia's approval, too. "Amelia loves anything I make her, but she has worn this dress more than any other dress in her closet."

"It melts my heart to see her in it."

Courtesy of Carli Grant / Refashioned Memories

After reworking her husband's shirt into a dress for Amelia, Grant saw potential to turn the idea into a business. Eventually, Refashioned Memories was born.

Courtesy of Carli Grant / Refashioned Memories

The company's tagline reads: "Send us a sentimental shirt. We'll refashion it into a memory."

Refashioned Memories is about turning other family's special shirts into outfits for their little ones. People place custom orders, take their kid's measurements, and ship them away along with the shirt. What they get back is a one-of-a-kind "memory dress."

Courtesy of Carli Grant / Refashioned Memories

Grant explained it was her husband who gave her the idea to go from the project to a business. "He is a great business man and entrepreneur. With his help, I was able to get a website set up and out to the public." 

Refashioned Memories has already had a great response, and Grant hopes she can relay the special feelings she gave her family with Amelia's memory dress to others with their shirts.

"I hope I can create the feeling I get for other parents/family members that I get every time I see Amelia in that red and black dress. I think of one of the most important moments of my life every time I see her in that dress."

(H/T: PopSugar)


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