Meet The 81-Year-Old Woman Who Takes Working In The Family Business To New Heights

“I’m fearless; there’s no stunt that I won’t try."

Earlier this week on Little Big Shots: Forever Young, Steve Harvey introduced us to an amazing woman. Carla Wallenda, an 81-year-old daredevil with a knack for the pole — the sway pole, that is — has been at it for 52 years! She's a part of the internationally famous acrobatic family, The Great Wallendas.

Carla started out on the tightrope first, but it wasn't until after her aunt fell to her death during a sway pole stunt that she decided to follow in her footsteps on the apparatus, and has been doing it as her circus act ever since. "I'm fearless; there's no stunt that I won't try," she told Harvey.

Carla Wallenda proves that just because you get older doesn't mean you have to sit around and knit. She's one of many older adult athletes who refuse to let age slow them down. After her interview with Harvey, they go outside where she climbs an 85-foot pole — without a safety harness or net to perform her stunt. She stands on her head, the pole sways, onlookers scream, and you'll just have to see it for yourself to find out what happens next.


Watch here as Carla performs her death-defying stunt without a net:

(H/T: Gossip Cop)


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