He Never Got Anything In The Mail, But Then #CardsForJared Changed It All

"Now every morning he screams 'Mail!'"

Internet, meet Jared.


He is a 26 year old currently living with autism. His mom, Dee Politte, told APlus.com over the phone that Jared can't communicate very well and he recently lost his father. 

In order to brighten up Jared's day, his mom and a friend came up with a neat idea.

They decided to set up a Facebook page for Jared, called Cards For Jared, encouraging people to send him letters, stickers and t-shirts.

Since he had never received anything in the mail before, they thought it would be, "something different" for him to do as his mother told APlus.com.

They didn't know what to expect, but as Dee explained, the page soon racked up 900 "Likes" and mail started coming in.

Needless to say, they were "totally overwhelmed" when so many people began sending Jared all types of goodies. "It kind of floored me," Dee told APlus excitedly.

He's gotten some cool stuffed animals...

Plenty of awesome Micky Mouse gear...

And so much more. His mom explained that "he can read and read fast," but especially loves stickers and coloring books.

Oh yea, Jared especially loves Micky Mouse. His mom added that going to Disney World would be "a dream come true" and Real Radio in Florida is trying to make that happen for him.

Dee never heard of the wonderful community that is Imgur, but Jared's cousin Diana took to the platform to share his story. Then things started getting crazy.

Dee told APlus that his Facebook page quickly jumped to over 2000 "Likes" in just a few days and they began receiving so many positive messages.

They left messages for Jared saying, "Your dad is looking over you," "He's watching over you," and "You're doing great."

Now Jared is waiting for his first letter from a country outside of the United States and his home town of Festus, Missouri.

He also has a new favorite activity, outside of playing video games on his iPad.

Every morning he screams "Mail!" and can't wait to see what people have sent him.

Dee explained she is "excited for him because it gives him something to look forward too and is an added plus in his life," because he misses his father so much.

Well, Jared is sure going to have a bunch of mail coming in from the folks of Imgur, who stopped everything they were doing to send Jared a special something.

Everyone dropped what they were doing to help.
Lots of people drew Mickey Mouse.

Even Chi Chi wrote him a letter.

Chi Chi even signed one from herself and her friend the Dognald toy.

Outside of being awesome and reading his fan mail, Jared also likes to keep his muscles strong and heads to the YMCA to work out.

So, stay strong Jared and Dee! We're all rooting for you. Expect some mail from us soon...

You can mail Jared too. Here is his information and by the way, his shirt size is medium :)

Jared Politte 

P.O. Box 1203 

Festus, MO 63028

As per his cousin's post, "His interests are Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Stickers and coloring books. He's not allergic to any foods/candies."

Looks like Jared is going to be taking a bunch of trips to post office now!


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