Model-Turned-Beatboxer? Watch Cara Delevingne Drop Some Sweet Beats.

Mind officially blown.

Cara Delevinge, a 22 year old fashion model from London, has been making headlines for a quite a while now.


From Vogue covers to Victoria's Secret runways, she completely took over the fashion industry. Not to mention setting some serious eyebrow trends. 

Cara also debuted as an actress a couple years back and has been working on her acting career ever since. 

Well... She has even more talents up her sleeve.

Just this Friday, Cara appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"You said that you beatbox a little bit..." Jimmy goes.

"We always have a live microphone, just in case anyone wants to do anything."

Cara was game, obvi. Ready steady...

... and psh ckkkk boom!

The Roots' Tariq Trotter quickly joins in with some freestyle rap.

Mind officially blown.

Any other talents we should know of, Cara?

Watch the entire video below.

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