He Bought A Car At Auction, But He Never Expected THIS

But what happened afterward ...?

The earliest version of this story we could find emerged in 2013 on a Lithuanian website, apparently after first appearing on Reddit in December of the same year. The original poster has since deleted his Imgur and Reddit accounts, so no attribution or confirmation is possible.

Indeed, many people believe that this photo series was staged ... but we'll leave that up to you to decide.

The original poster claims to have purchased a car "in an auction which included both police impounds and bank seizures." That's where our story begins.


Upon finding that the driver's side window didn't work, he set about removing the door panel to repair it ...

The plastic sheeting appeared to have been removed and replaced ...

Concealing a black plastic bag stuffed into the door panel.

Naturally, the owner removed it.

What he found when he opened the bag was astounding.

Inside the bag were carefully duct-taped bundles with markings of unknown significance on them.

Drugs? What else would be stuffed into a door panel of a car bought at a police seizure auction?

Money. That's what.

The unknown poster described his find

"Anyway, all the bills I have unwrapped are very old. Pre any type of color changing ink, security features, etc. and most say 'series 1988' or 'series 1995' I'm willing to bet this stuff has been sitting here for a while. None have official or even your office depot money 'wraps' on them, just rubber bands which has led me to believe this is either some individual's cash or was connected to something illicit."

Each bundle contained quite a stack ...

And they weren't just Hamiltons, either ...

Keep in mind that his photos only showed some of the bundles opened ... and that he blotted out the serial numbers.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the final picture that was taken.

So how much was there? "It's over $40K, I'd rather not declare a complete total," he told Reddit.

As per the advice he got in the original post, he deleted both the pictures and his accounts, but not before the pictures ended up becoming one of the Internet's more interesting viral mysteries. 

So, do you think his story was real? Could he have been a drug smuggler showing off money he had just moved on a completed run? Or could he have been a law enforcement officer showing off his job? 

Whatever the case is, this is the kind of thing that people daydream about. What would you do with a windfall like this?


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