A Parking Cop Is Blowing Away People In NYC By 'Lifting' Cars

Now this is a hilarious way to get someone's attention.

Next time you give a parking cop lip, consider this video.

In a hilarious prank that fooled just about everyone involved, a parking cop goes around picking up taxis to scare a driver into obeying her orders. 

People's reactions on the street are worth the watch, too. Everything from shock to excitement and even a few cheers for "girl power." Of course, what we love most is the ending, when she gives some regular civilians a chance to lift the car on their own. 


First, they let you know what you're about to see isn't "real"

Sure, these cars might be rigged, and yes, we know most people aren't strong enough to lift cars, but it's still awesome. It's actually an ad for Car Lister, a service people use to buy and sell cars. 

But that doesn't stop how shocking this is:

Just look at these reactions:

But it gets better...

People literally stopped in the streets to witness this amazing feat.

Check out the full video below:


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