This Guy Asked Kids For Dating Advice And Their Answers Give Us Hope For The Future

Oh, these little heartthrobs ...

Kids might not be the best in everything (well, not yet at least), but there's one talent they've mastered pretty well — being honest and speaking their minds.

That's why when it comes to asking someone for advice, you shouldn't take your little sister or brother for granted. You'd be surprised at the pearls of wisdom these munchkins will throw at you.

That's also the main reason we find it so amusing to listen to children fromthe new comedic web series KIDS ON express their opinions on... dating.


The latest episode features 10 kids being interviewed by host Dave Keystone on the issues some people face while dating.

Like if you should call or text after a first date. Here's what one kid had to say on the matter:

Naturally, not everyone had the same opinion.

There was also some discussion on what you should say when asking the person out again.

And, more importantly, what NOT to say when you're eventually hanging out together.

Check out the full video below to learn even more valuable advice from these adorable kiddos:


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