Funny Ad Campaign Features 'Lost Cause' Employees Telling Us All That There's Hope For Them

"You called them the team to watch. That was four years ago."

Creativity is a tricky business. Contrary to what you or many others might think, it's not merely about having it or not. It's actually, like with heaps of other talents, be it singing or hula hooping, all about exercising it.

According to The 2012 Adobe State of Create Study, one out of four people worldwide believe that they are "not living to their own creative potential." But perhaps there's something we can actually do to fix the situation? 

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity brings us a humorous series of ads titled "Invest in Creativity." The short 20- to 30-second ads feature people who, judging by their descriptions, would all be strong candidates for the Worst Employee of The Year award. The campaign, however, suggests that we should not give up on them just yet. These folks might simply need a pass to the festival to get their creativity flowing once again.

The idea behind these ads is explained more in detail on Cannes LionsYouTube channel:

In this series of films, created by McCann London, we want to stress the point that not looking after your talent is a much more expensive exercise than developing it. Investing in creativity will make talent and ultimately the work better. And that's what it's all about.


Jean-Pierre the VP of Marketing

"Tells you he's a creative crusader. Has never signed off a decent idea."

Bridget the Account Director

"Efficient with a capital E. Breaker of creative spirit."

Samuel the Producer

"You fought hard to hire him. Responds to every suggestion with 'It cannot be done.'"

Igor and Hannah the Creative Team

"You called them the team to watch. That was four years ago."

Did you notice those sounds of a dial-up modem or an old gramophone in the background? We thought they were pretty brilliant.


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