Marijuana Manicures Are Now A Real Thing, And They Are Straight-Up Dope

These nails are blunted.


Move over glass nails and forget about cable knit nails.  Manicure and cannabis aficionados now have a new way to proudly display their affection for ganja: weedicures. 

Weed nails are the latest in the seemingly endless quest for the perfect way to place beauty at your finger tips. 

According to BuzzFeed, clients seeking a deeper shade of green can now thank nail technician Louisana Pham of Santa Clara, California's Orchid Nail Lounge, who collaborated with a client — who was also a medical cannabis patient — in developing the technique.

BuzzFeed reports that although Pham doesn't charge extra for weedicures, she does ask that her clients bring in their own stash along with their California medical cannabis card. The cost is $65.00.

To create the herb-infused nail art, Pham crushes the plant matter and then applies it suspended in a clear nail gel.

Naturally, people seeking the look are visiting their local nail shop with variations on the theme.

Some enterprising people are even taking a DIY approach.

What do you think of this trend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

We're just hoping no one smokes the clippings. 

(H/T: Konbini)


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