She Used A Bunch Of Candy Bars To Write The Sweetest Love Note For Her BF

"I am relieved that my search through Air Heads and Nerds is over."

A card, a box of chocolates and some flowers. Recognize this typical Valentine's Day supply kit?

Not just Valentine's Day, to be fair. We could be describing the supplies gathered for any other occasion if your significant other is a couch potato who's totally NOT into romantic forays and chivalry. 

Luckily, for Reddit user Reprimize, this is not the case.

This Valentine's Day, Reprimize was treated to a huge surprise by his girlfriend, who came up with the coolest way to say "I love you." She wrote him a hilarious, pun-filled love letter, where some of the words were replaced by actual chocolates and candy bars. And it goes like this:

"To my Mr. Big, 

I am relieved that my search through Airheads and Nerds is over. I never thought I would Skor a Red Hot Bit-O-Honey like you, who makes me Snicker.

Even if I went into Orbit and searched the Milky Way, I would never meet another Big Hunk like you.

You give me a Riesen to Awake each day, and I wouldn't trade you for an Extra PayDay or 100 Grand.

So let's get Nakd After Eight and you can slam your Whatchamacallit into my Juicy Fruit KitKat. Squeeze my Milk Duds until your Nut Roll explodes its MegaLoad, Twix my Mounds and I scream Oh Yeah! Loolie! 

Love your SweeTarts."


Isn't this one of the sweetest (literally) love letters you have ever read?

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