This Med School Student Makes Learning Anatomy Sweet

This puts all other studying methods to shame.

According to the American Association of Anatomists, the human body contains 7,500 individually named parts. Learning all of these names and locations can be a bit challenging, and rote memorization is insanely boring.

In order to spruce up studying a bit, a student from the University of Glasgow's School of Medicine ditched traditional flashcards in favor of diagrams crafted from candy and other food items in order to study bones, organs, and biological processes the body uses to stay healthy.

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From understanding heartbeats... cellular communication... the inner workings of teeth!

Candy can also teach you about bone formation:

DNA structure has never been so sweet!

Who knew learning the bones of the hands was so appetizing?

Sometimes skin looks really delicious! (Wait, what?)

So whether you want to study the stomach...

...the heart...

...the brain...

...or the mouth,

Candy Anatomy makes learning super sweet!


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