Nothing Gets In The Way Of This Pro Skier, Not Even A Restaurant

Just one of those days for Candide Thovex.

Most people start their mornings with the usual routine: a shower, a cup of hot coffee and a minute of silence to ponder about what the day will bring.


Really, it's no different even if you're a famous pro skier like Candide Thovex.

What might be different is... This.


And ultimately... THIS.

Not everyone gets to shred snowy mountains like they were born with two skis instead of feet, but luckily Thovex is willing to share this adrenaline-pumping experience with us mere mortals.

The professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur's video "One Of Those Days 2" is his second attempt to leave everyone  flabbergasted with his thrilling jumps, spins and backflips over the slopes of Val Blanc, France. The entire video was shot with a head cam, which allows viewers to experience the dizzying effect from a first-person perspective.

Watch the full video below —and by "full" we mean from start to finish. Because there's nothing that will make up for not seeing the trick Thovex performs at the very end.

To see more action sport videos by Thovex, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

(Cover image: Candide Thovex)

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