This Eye-Opening Cancer Awareness Ad Will Make You Completely Reconsider How You See Little Lumps


It's easy to get lost in our hectic daily lives. Many of us are busy around the clock, only stopping to grab a quick cup of coffee to compensate for our lack of sleep. Consequently, we fail to notice small changes around us happening this very second. 

But just because these changes are so tiny and we're so busy doesn't mean they aren't happening. 

This new Cancer Research UK ad puts the whole situation in perspective. The crew behind the ad set up what appears to be a tiny bump in a busy street. They filmed unaware passersby maneuvering around it while the lump "grew" day by day. By the looks of it, no one seemed to acknowledge the lump's existence or even notice the fact that it was slowly changing until it reached an enormous size. 


The "lump" in the street...

...grows a little bit every day...

... but busy passersby seem to ignore it.

"It's easy to ignore something, especially when we're busy," the caption of the cancer awareness ad reads.

Watch the entire video of the lump growing below.

Detecting cancer at early stages significantly increases chances of a successful recovery, no matter which type of cancer that is. This could literally save your life.

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