Cancer Patient Wins Lottery En Route To Final Treatment

He's cancer-free and $200,000 richer.

Ronnie Foster was on his way to his final chemotherapy treatment when he made a stop that would change his life for good.

Foster pulled into a Short Stop Food Mart in Beulaville, North Carolina, and spent a dollar on a lottery ticket. He won five more dollars and decided to trade that ticket in for two more — why not? In return, he got a $200,000 prize on the second of the two new tickets. 


"I was already happy because it was my last round of chemo," Foster, who is retired, said in a statement. "Winning this made it my lucky day."

Shutterstock / Icatnews

The Washington Post reported the news and said Foster ended up taking home $141,501 after taxes. The first of the scratch-off tickets won him nothing, The Washington Post reported. But the second was the big prize.

Foster had been battling colon cancer and said he was planning to use some of the money to pay off his medical debt. He won the Win It All lottery promotion, which helps support North Carolina's educational programs and is going to end in November

"I saw all those zeros and I froze," Foster told The Washington Post. "I didn't believe it until I gave it to the clerk at the counter to scan. When it showed, 'Go to lottery headquarters,' I started shaking. I couldn't believe it."


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