When A Cancer Patient Wrote To Peyton Manning, She Never Expected He'd Do This

Class act.

Peyton Manning is a celebrated NFL player both on and off the field, and when he retires he'll go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. He has almost every major record when it comes to the position and the ones he doesn't he'll likely hit at some point this season.

Even with all the ridiculous work he puts into staying at the top of his game during the season, though, he somehow still manages to make the time for extreme acts of kindness. Recently, Kari Barnett Bollig, an Indiana resident who's followed Manning throughout his whole career, wrote a letter to the star explaining how much he inspires her not just as a football player, but for all the good he does in the community as well. Bollig has Stage 4 breast cancer and no idea how long she has to live. With nothing to lose, she figured she'd pen a letter to a man she holds in the highest esteem.


Not only did Manning read the letter, he also decided to do something incredible for Bollig.

He flew Bollig and her husband to Denver for the Broncos' regular season opener against the Ravens, with sideline passes before the game, a tour of the team facility and a chance to watch Saturday's walk-through practice.

Plus, she got to meet the man himself.

"He walked right over after he got his picture taken," she told the Indianapolis Star. "It was so sweet because he shakes my hand and says, 'I'm Peyton Manning.' It was cute. It was kind of like, 'I know who you are, Peyton.'"

Apparently, he spent 10 minutes with Bollig and her husband, then offered a few encouraging words when they parted. "Keep fighting, Kari. I'll be praying for you," he said.

Good for you, Peyton.

(H/T: CBS Sports)

Cover image: David Brown via YouTube


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