Cancer Patient Leads A Squat Challenge With Hospital Staff And Shows Them All How It's Done

Can't stop won't stop.

"All right, you guys ready for a squat challenge? Two minutes on the clock, and let's go do it!" Elizabeth Bobbe says at the start of a video uploaded to YouTube.

Bobbe, a fitness instructor diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, convinces six other women from the hospital staff to take on tough exercise in the middle of the hospital hallway, with nothing but each other's spirits for encouragement.

Meanwhile, Bobbe's "powering through chemotherapy treatment," The Huffington Post writes, but her strength and speed makes the exercise look effortless.


According to The Huffington Post, Bobbe's father reported that initially, she only joked with the hospital staff about doing a squat challenge. 

But apparently, they decided to go through with it.

"I know Liz, and she's a strong person," Bobbe's father told the publication. "She's got endurance more than anybody I know.

Towards the end of the video, Bobbe counts down the final squats as the staff members do their best to stick with it.

When the timer beeps two minutes, Bobbe encourages the ladies to do a few more squats. "You lied to us!" one of the staff members jokes, catching their breath.

But they all do it — together.

Bobbe is also a restaurant server and kinesiology student, according to the GoFundMe page her family created, which asks for support towards their family's medical costs due to their recent income losses.

The page also highlights the motivational video, right at the top.

"She's so dilligent and focused," Bobbes' father tells The Huffington Post. "If anybody is going to maintain that kind of disposition, she will. All the way. "

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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